Top 5 Residential Window Trends for 2018

In the last decade, there have been tons of exciting innovations in the residential window industry. Today’s windows are more efficient than ever, they’re stylish and beautiful, and they’re getting bigger.

What are the most significant trends we see in 2018? As a residential window installer, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Not only do we work with window manufacturers keep us in the loop about their latest products, but we also hear from homeowners who’re apt the following trends as well. Here’s what homeowners are asking for more and more:

  1.    Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows have been a trend for many years. Thanks to recent advances, today’s windows are more efficient than ever.

Double- and triple-glazed windows offer a much more efficient option than the single-glazed windows of yesteryear. Plus, advances like argon gas fills, weatherproofing innovations, coatings, and hybrid materials have all helped push the boundaries of energy efficiency. If you’re looking for replacement windows, ask about our energy efficient options. Installing energy efficient replacement windows on your home can save you on heating and cooling, and they look incredible!  

  1.    Pass-Through Windows

The dual functionality of pass-through windows makes them a popular choice. These windows are typically installed in kitchens, and they open to decks and patios, allowing homeowners to “pass through” drinks and food for parties and barbeques.

In recent years, this area of the market has advanced quite a bit. There are many more pass-through window options today than there were five years ago, and homeowners are experimenting with new designs. For example, one design element we see more and more is the pass-through breakfast bar. Stools can be placed outside on the deck facing into the kitchen, and with the windows open, homeowners have a fully functional bar for entertaining.

  1.    Expansive Glass

Contemporary and minimalist home design is popular at the moment, and as such, windows are being used more and more as a design element. Not only do windows provide clean lines, but they’re also a great source of natural light – both of which are important for contemporary aesthetics.

With expansive glass, the windows are getting larger. Floor-to-ceiling and expansive windows are a popular choice. They provide plenty of natural light and bring the outdoors inside. They’re the perfect choice if you want to accentuate a view or create a feeling of openness in your home.  It’s not just windows. Lift-and-slide doors, French doors, and sliding glass doors are other ways to utilize expansive glass in your home.

  1.    Colorful Frames

In the past, window frames tended to be a few standard colors. White and natural wood was the most common that we installed. But we’re starting to see homeowners opt for a wider color palette.

Black frames are one of the biggest trends right now, and they’re popular in contemporary homes. Black frames create sleek, retro-inspired lines and a bolder aesthetic inside and out. Olive green, hunter green, and red frames are other popular choices.

  1.    Premium Wood Frames  

Pine has been the primary building material for wood windows for many years. It provides a clean, classic look, and pine frames are very durable. In 2018, more and more premium wood species are being used to manufacture window frames. Mahogany, for example, is one popular choice that offers a richer color and a high-end look. White oak and walnut are also popular options that work well in contemporary homes.

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