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Tax Credits & Utility Incentives

Remodeling Magazine estimates the return-on-investment for windows and doors is between 76 and 107% not including tax credits or incentives. Be sure to cash in on these incentives to cut your payback period even shorter!


2016 U.S. Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency offers a 10% tax credit up to $200 for the purchase of ENERGY STAR windows or $500 for ENERGY STAR doors.
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Montgomery County’s (Maryland) Residential Energy Conservation Property Tax Credit offers property tax credits on residential, owner-occupied structures for the installation of energy conservation devices such as ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors. This tax credit is limited to the cost of the measure up to $250 per fiscal year. Only costs incurred during the 12 months preceding a credit application are eligible. Excess credits accrued during a year may be carried forward for up to two additional years. The total value of credits for energy conservation devices that are granted by the county during a fiscal year may not exceed $100,000. In the event that applications during a fiscal year exceed this limit, a credit may be granted the following year or years in the order applications are received.

Persons wishing to claim the credit must first obtain a certification for their system from the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services. Applications for the tax credit are handled by the Montgomery County Department of Finance.
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Columbia Gas of Virginia – Home Savings Rebate Program offers a cash rebate of $1 per square foot of each new high efficiency window that meet ENERGY STAR’s North-Central performance requirements.
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