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Choosing Your Style

The style of window you choose will determine how they look, as well as how they open. Feel free to simply use the original style that is in your home now. Or if you desire a completely fresh look, choose from a variety of options …


Double Hung

Traditional “up and down” windows. Most modern units tilt-in for easy cleaning.


Hinged to swing outward, left or right. Multiple units can be built side-to-side for large openings.


A stunning three-section window combination. Fixed or operating ends are typically 1/2 the width of the center window, and are mounted at a 45 degree angles.

Horizontal Slider

Two equal sections that slide sideways.


Hinged to swing outward, from the bottom. Multiple units can be built one atop the other for tall openings.

Garden Bay

A greenhouse-like window combination. Usually built with ventilating windows on each side, a picture window on the front, and a glass overhead pane— great for plants!

Three Lite Slider

One fixed center pane with two sliding ends. The ends are usually 1/2 the width of the center pane.


A series of three to six windows gently arranged in a bow shape. End units can be fixed or can operate for ventilation.


Usually found in the basement or above a door, hopper windows are hinged to tilt inward from the top.

Architectural and Special Shapes

Special orders don’t upset us – we can build almost any size or shape you can imagine!