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New awning windows are a popular choice for many homeowners, thanks to their contemporary look and high-performance efficiency.

This type of window – which is hinged at the top and swings open from the bottom – offers a number of key benefits. Awning windows provide excellent ventilation, lots of natural light, and they’re a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, basements and garden-level spaces.

Looking for custom awning windows for your home or property?

WeatherMaster Window supplies and installs built-to-order awning windows in Central Maryland and Northern Virginia. Customize your awning windows with us by color, shape, frame style and more. Learn more about our options now.

What Is an Awning Window?

Awning windows look similar to casement windows. Like casements, these windows are rectangular and operated by a hand crank.

Yet, here’s the key difference: Awning windows are hinged along the top of the window, and swing out from the house at the bottom. Additionally, awning windows tend to be installed when a window’s width is greater than or equal to its height.

Advantages of Awning Windows

Awning windows are a popular choice for homes in the Northern Virginia and Baltimore areas. That’s because they have a sleek, contemporary look that’s ideal for new construction properties, but can be customized to match any style of home. Some benefits of installing awning windows include:

  • Ventilation – Awning windows “scoop” in air and draw in more air for ventilation. That makes them great for ventilation above sinks or in restrooms.
  • Ease of Use – Awning windows are a type of crank window. They’re operated by a hand crank, making them very easy to operate.
  • Excellent Efficiency – Awning windows are one of the most efficient types of windows. That’s because, when closed, wind pushes the sash against a weatherproof seal, helping to better insulate the window opening.
  • Contemporary Style – Awnings have a clean appearance that’s perfect for contemporary homes.
  • Durability – Casements and awning windows have fewer moving parts. Therefore, they tend to perform better for longer and require less maintenance.

Disadvantages of Awning Windows

Although these windows are perfect for a variety of conditions, awning windows do have a few shortfalls. They include:

  • Regular Cleaning – Unlike casement windows, the exterior surface of awning windows cannot be cleaned from the inside. This can make them more difficult to clean and maintain.
  • Protruding Out– Awning windows do protrude out to the exterior, which limits their availability for high-traffic areas. For example, awnings aren’t great near porches or walkways.
  • No Window A/C – Due to their opening style, awning windows aren’t compatible with most window air conditioning units.

Common Uses for Awning Window

Thinking about awning windows for your home? Although this type of window works for nearly any application, awning windows are most commonly used for:

  • Privacy – When installed high on the wall, awning windows are perfect for allowing in ventilation, while protecting privacy. Often, they’re used to create an attractive clerestory.
  • Low-Level Installs – For garden-level or basement spaces, awning windows are a popular choice. This is because they maximize natural light and ventilation, but due to their rectangular and horizontal shape, don’t require much wall space.
  • Natural Ventilation Even When Raining – Awning windows are perfect over sinks, in restrooms, or for letting in a breeze, even when it’s raining.
  • Window Installations – Awning windows can be installed above or below other types of windows to allow ventilation and natural light. Awnings can also be installed side by side or stacked, creating a unique look.

About Our Awning Windows

WeatherMaster offers a wide range of highly efficient awning windows. Interested in our customization options? All of our awning windows can be personalized by these features:

  • Frame Material – We offer three choices: Vinyl, wood and fiberglass. Vinyl frames are highly durable, while wood frames offer a classic look. Fiberglass frames are also one of the most efficient.
  • Color – Our custom awning windows are available in a range of classic colors.
  • Hardware – Choose a hardware option that matches the interior of your home, including polished brass, white, black and nickel.
  • Grids – Style your windows with a geometric pattern, by adding a grid. When installed over casement windows, awning windows with grids create distinctive looks like a Craftsman-style window.
  • Shape – Although awning windows are traditionally wider than they are tall, we can customize this type of window to fit your home’s window openings.

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