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Wondering if replacement windows are worth the investment? Here’s a short answer: Yes they are. Compared to other remodeling/renovation projects, new replacement windows have a compelling ROI. In fact, in terms of added resale value, replacement windows add more value compared to cost than major kitchen remodels, backyard patio projects, and master suite additions. But just how much will replacement windows add to your home’s value? Take a look at

Planning to install new replacement windows on your home? These days, homeowners have a wide range of replacement window options, from casement windows, sliders, to vinyl double-hung units. Beyond the style and size, though, there are other important variable homeowners must consider standard vs. custom windows. What exactly is the difference? In short, custom windows are made-to-order; they fit your home’s window openings perfectly. A window company comes to measure

Looking for some home energy savings tips? We’ve got a few for spring, and they’re mostly directed at your home’s windows. Residential windows have a direct impact on your average cooling costs during summer. Ineffective windows are energy drains. All that nice cool, conditioned air is more likely to escape through older windows. Plus, windows nearing the end of their service life are not well insulated. They don’t effectively filter