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During summer, windows play an important role in regulating your home’s temperature. The wrong types of windows, a lack of protection from the sun, or damaged window frames, for example, can all contributing to rising cooling costs.  Why? In short, windows can allow in lots of heat generated by the sun. Direct sunlight streams through your windows, and it turns into heat in the home. As such, you have to

Wondering if replacement windows are worth the investment? Here’s a short answer: Yes they are. Compared to other remodeling/renovation projects, new replacement windows have a compelling ROI. In fact, in terms of added resale value, replacement windows add more value compared to cost than major kitchen remodels, backyard patio projects, and master suite additions. But just how much will replacement windows add to your home’s value? Take a look at

Planning to install new replacement windows on your home? These days, homeowners have a wide range of replacement window options, from casement windows, sliders, to vinyl double-hung units. Beyond the style and size, though, there are other important variable homeowners must consider standard vs. custom windows. What exactly is the difference? In short, custom windows are made-to-order; they fit your home’s window openings perfectly. A window company comes to measure

Looking for some home energy savings tips? We’ve got a few for spring, and they’re mostly directed at your home’s windows. Residential windows have a direct impact on your average cooling costs during summer. Ineffective windows are energy drains. All that nice cool, conditioned air is more likely to escape through older windows. Plus, windows nearing the end of their service life are not well insulated. They don’t effectively filter

In the last decade, there have been tons of exciting innovations in the residential window industry. Today’s windows are more efficient than ever, they’re stylish and beautiful, and they’re getting bigger. What are the most significant trends we see in 2018? As a residential window installer, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Not only do we work with window manufacturers keep us in the loop

In the Mid Atlantic, winters can be brutal. Lots of cold blowing air, snow, and ice. For homeowners, keeping that cold air outside during the snowy months can be a real challenge, especially homes with lots of windows. The reason? In-efficient, damaged or aging windows account for a high percentage of heat loss in the home. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, inefficient windows can account for up

Does your home still have its original, single-pane windows? Are your windows exceptionally drafty during the winter? There’s a good chance installing double-pane high-performance windows can help you cut down on energy costs. But you’re probably wondering: Just how much will I save? Potential savings are dependent on a number of factors. For example, the climate in which you live will affect how much you will save. In climates with

Replacement windows can add real value to your home, and this type of home improvement project has a compelling ROI. In fact according to, window replacement projects are among the best projects homeowners can do; the site estimates 85 percent of the costs can be recouped instantly in added home value. But just how much do they add? According to estimates from Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value report,

Choosing between sliding doors and French doors for commercial or residential structures can be daunting. Following are concerns to address when considering the two for your project. Initial Cost A quality vinyl or fiberglass sliding door set with a screen will run $400 or more depending on size, frame choice, and hardware options. French doors are typically available in fiberglass or steel with fiberglass the most expensive. A quality set

Operable windows present an opportunity to enhance the ventilation and energy-saving performance of your commercial or residential structure. Casement and Double-Hung windows are two popular operable windows that can help you achieve these goals. Casement windows have a sleek modern appearance and function like a door, featuring a single or multiple vertical panes (sashes) that swings outward. Most are operated by a hand crank that makes casement windows a great