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No-Hassle Shopping Experience
Not long ago, buying new windows was a frustrating experience– hidden pricing, high pressure salesmen, hard to know what you were getting, and expensive.  In 1986 WeatherMaster decided to change all of that.

WeatherMaster’s unique, no-hassle shopping experience demands pricing that is simple and transparent, displayed right in our ads and online.  Our staff is dedicated to educating our customers, and our company is committed to providing the most energy saving, quality windows, at the same prices usually available only to builders and contractors.


Quality Windows at Half the Price
Weathermaster offers highly energy-efficient, quality windows, at prices usually available only to builders and contractors.  Prices start as low as $248, including installation.  And you can slash your energy bills too– some of our models are 3X more energy saving than ENERGY STAR requirements.


What Makes WeatherMaster Different?



aboutus01bMost vinyl windows are hollow– not ours! All WeatherMaster models are built with either fiberglass or high strength alloy reinforcement. This provides solid support for our hardware, and helps prevent the bowing and warping that can reduce the window’s energy efficiency as it ages.


aboutus02bWeatherMaster employs the latest energy saving technologies including argon gas, krypton gas, Heat Mirror suspended films, EnviroSealed and Super Spacers, and multilayered low-e coatings. Some of our glass achieves U-values as low as U=0.07, providing energy efficiencies over 270%** better than ENERGY STAR window criteria! All of our models are tested in independent laboratories, and even our most economical model performs 6% better than the average double pane window. **Compared to ENERGY STAR requirements of U=0.30 for the North-Central Climate Zone and full frame performance of U=0.11 for Alpen 925 Series fiberglass windows


Word Relax On BeachYour time is valuable, so why spend it watching hours long sales presentations and haggling with home improvement salesmen and their managers? WeatherMaster pricing is simple and transparent, displayed right in our ads, online or quoted over the phone. We only charge for the work we do– if you don’t want or need options like full screens, new trim, or grids, you won’t be charged for them. If your home was built before 1978 we do need to charge for special EPA lead testing and handling procedures, but if your home tests negative, we’ll refund every penny, less the cost of testing.


about02Energy efficiency is a critical component to building a sustainable future. At WeatherMaster, we not only help others reduce their energy footprint, but we practice it ourselves in every facet of our business. From ultra high efficiency lighting in our warehouse, motion sensing light switches, micro-zoned HVAC to heat and cool only occupied spaces, and 100% Energy Star certified equipment (except for things like our forklift– there aren’t any Energy Star forklifts just yet). In May 2014 we completed construction of a 20 kW solar array on our rooftop that produces 100% of the electric power we use!


aboutus05Rated A+ by the BBB, our mechanics are window and door professionals. They do not install kitchens, baths or decks; nor are they roofers. They install only windows and doors. Everyday. PERIOD. A window will only perform as well as it is installed and WeatherMaster customers get the best in the business!